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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be in a single kayak the whole time? No, on your day or multi-hour trips we are used to people switching between double and single kayaks. It’s always fun to try out a single or double kayaks and it is a definite recommendation of North Shore Kayaks. Plus double kayaks are a good way for those who enjoy conversation with another paddler during the trip.

Can I take my kids along? We encourage it, as long as they are 7 years or older and they paddle with a parent or a guide in a double kayak.

How fit do I need to be? Prior kayaking experience is not necessary for most of our trips. However, you should be in good health. Individuals in decent physical shape primarily focus on the nature side of the experience.

How many hours do we paddle each day? The amount of paddling is contingent on the guide’s evaluation of weather, time, and tide conditions but we do generally paddle no more than 4 hours each day. We schedule breaks for lunch, and the occasional break to stretch or take in the scenery.

How bad is the food? Remember hot school lunches? They hold nothing on us, your wilderness dining experience will be a memorable one, in a good way. Our gourmet food is a diverse plethora ranging from pasta to seafood. We provide balanced meals and accomodate to any specialized diets with advanced note. Our cooks are magicians with a simpled camp stove and cutting board. You’ll be lining up for seconds.

What is the common group size? Group sizes can vary from 4 to 12 people, we alway have at least 2 guides with us. The B.C. Alliance of Sea Kayak Guides reccomends a ratio of 6 to 1 guide. On occasion, there is a photographer and/or apprentice guides-in-training joining us as well.

I have an expensive camera, can I bring it? Why not? It would be a waste if you are a picture fanatic. Just make sure your equipment is kept in a watertight container, like a Pelican waterproof case or dry bag. Taking back home amazing photos can be one of the best ways to document your trip.

I have never ever paddled an ocean kayak, is this a bad thing? Nope, tons of our clients are trying out sea kayaking for the first time. We always cater to these needs by offering a full lesson before we head into the water. From there we cater our trips to adapt to further progression. We also use double kayaks for those who wish to have a little help along the way.

Can I better my skills if I’m an experienced paddler? For sure, our guides/instructors are accomplish paddlers, and are delighted to help you work on the specific details of sea kayaking.

I want go to a certain place but you don’t offer a trip for this place, Can I plan my own personal trip? Of course, we can book custom trips depending on your destination and group size. We regularly kayak to places we have never ventured before. Tell us where you want to go and we’ll try our best to make it happen.

How does stuff I put in my kayak stay bone dry? Everyone of our kayaks carry a number of air-tight compartments for storage. Anything put inside these units stays dry, even if it is pouring outside. We have unfailing faith that whatever we put here stays dry, be it a $500 digital camera or a simple pair of socks. Our kayaks can hold a suprising amount and it isn’t uncommon on our multi-day trips to bring guitars or the occasional surfboard.

If I rent a kayak(s), do I need to hire a guide? No, but depending on your own experience level we do suggest you bring a guide or take a lesson with us before you launch. Paddlers with ocean kayaking experience usually do not need a guide, for them we can drop-off boats and send them on their way.

Do you operate in the winter? Yes, it would be a crime not too. We offer day-trips and rentals year-round through sunshine, rain, snow or sleet. A snow paddle is an unforgettable experience.

What kinds of wildlife will I see on the trip? Since some animals usually stay away from us humans we can’t make any promises but if you keep a sharp eye and your ears open you may be fortunate of witness the beauty of mother nature in the sky, land, and sea. According to the area, some animals you can see are humpback whales, sea lions and otters, bald eagles, bears, and deer. And that’s just the beginning…

Do I need to have a tent? North Shore Kayaks can provide you with all the gear you need for your trip. If you happen to be missing a piece of equipment just let us know and we’ll pack it up.