Whitewater Kayaking (White Water Kayaks)

The whitewater kayak is made of a rigid high impact plastic and is usually designed to be shorter than other kayaks making them more maneuverable.

Whitewater is a faster moving body of water the whitewater kayak while it is more maneuverable it is also slower than other kayaks. As the water is moving faster this type of kayak is able to ride the crest and yet it will gain its speed from the water, while maneuvering as quickly as the demand of the whitewater cap and other obstacles designate.

There are two different types of whitewater kayaks, there is the racing kayak and the touring kayak, each of course is built with its use in mind giving them different features.

The racing kayak is designed with speed and maneuverability in mind, along with the capability to do tricks and make it down river quickly.

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Whitewater racing kayaks are also known as river runners, they are designed differently in the respect that they are shorter making them more maneuverable, the hull is built as a planing hull. This gives the racing kayak the ability to lift above the water and as a result of this it is able to skip across the water. The planing hull with the ability to rise above the swift moving whitewater is what gives this kayak the ability to do tricks. In places such as North Vancouver kayaking where the whitewaters, the beauty of the area and the camping make an enjoyable and exciting kayaking trip.

The touring kayak is designed differently than the racer in the respect that they are built sturdy even enough that they can be taken on sea kayaking trips, these kayaks are often known as recreational kayaks. One of the more common designs of the touring kayak is one for day trips; they have some aspects about them that make them one of the popular types of kayaks. Some of these are they are usually a smaller kayak, the price is often less than other types of kayaks and they make a good beginners kayak. They are the perfect type of kayak for enjoying the water while also bird watching or if in an area such as British Columbia seeing the local wildlife such as, beaver, caribou, deer and moose.

Kayaking Lessons

The other type of touring kayak is also known as the sea kayak, it is built stronger and larger with bulkheads large enough to stow food, water and camping gear as they are built for multi day trips in mind. They also maybe built with rudders and skags to aid in maneuvering in different types of waters and water conditions.

The design they are built with have the conditions of the sea in mind, as they are a multi day touring kayak.