White Water Kayaks (Whitewater)

Kayaks that are made for whitewater are constructed differently than other types of kayaks as this type of water is fast moving and is known to have caps that can worsen with weather conditions. The current often changes in this water and having a kayak made for this type of water means a kayaker is able to maneuver out of the currents that are dangerous

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The whitewater kayak is constructed shorter than other kayaks and this makes it able to maneuver better in the ruff waters to avoid obstacles such as rocks. Many of these kayaks are in the six to nine foot ranges, making them just large enough for its passenger and a small amount of gear as opposed to the longer kayaks that are constructed for longer trips. They make up for this lack of length, as the whitewater kayak is able to maneuver into smaller streams and creeks. Another feature of this type of kayak is while they are able to skim over the caps and ruff waters they are also able to turn upright easier than other kayaks.


They have a hull and rocker that is capable of rising above the water making them more stable when the water is filled with whitecaps and this kayak will gain its speed from the water.

These whitewater kayaks while being high performance they also have a closed cockpit and while they are made for this specific type of water they are made from a type of plastic polyethylene. The plastic polyethylene is a durable material that is able to handle the rigorous demands that the ruff currents of whitewater place on the kayak.

This type of kayak is one that is often fitted for a spray skirt, this will keep the kayaker dry as the ruff waters attempt to splash into the kayak.


Kayaking Lessons