Wave Walker Kayaks

Wave walking kayaks are constructed differently than other kayaks, they are a twin hull, and are made for the ruff waters of the surf, they are also a kayak that fishermen find an exciting addition.

The wave walking twin hull kayak is stable enough that a person is able to stand in it to paddle; this makes it a perfect kayak for fishermen to find the right spot. It also makes it exciting for using on the ocean for a surfing kayak with the ability to stand and the twin hulls make it stable enough to do this.

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The name wave walking is also called paddle skiing, and in recent years as began to become a very popular type of kayaking. While you are able to stand and paddle this kayak it is also possible to sit also to paddle this style of kayak.

In years past there have been kayakers who have tried wave walking, although these kayakers tied their ankles to the kayak in order to stand, this is no longer necessary with the new styles of kayaks that are designed for this type of sport. Two of the first to try kayaking with their ankles tied to the kayak in order to stand were Jeff and Jim Snyder, they used inflatable kayaks in their testing of the standing kayak.

Kayaking Lessons


The hull shape on the twin hull is designed with stability in mind and when in the sitting positions each leg is in each of the twin hulls, this kayak hull design is made to keep the kayak up above the waves as other surf kayaks are. The construction of the twin hull kayak is made of materials that will withstand the beating of the ocean waves and the design its self is for the ocean to keep it above the waves as well as for calmer waters.