Different Types Of Kayaks For Kayaking

In watercrafts there are often many different styles or models of boats and the same is true with kayaks, there are models that are made for different types of water.

There is the touring kayak that is made for longer trips such as camping, and they are used in open waters where they can gain speeds higher than other types of kayaks.

There is a kayak that is built especially for whitewater and the ruff conditions that can be found on this type of water and its caps without over turning. This type of kayak also is shorter in length and is able to maneuver faster in order to avoid obstacles such as rocks.

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A sea kayak is another model, this is constructed with the ruff waters of the ocean in mind and the rocker and hull are fabricated to handle these waters. They are also built with a longer length and thereby have extra storage space.

There is also a surfing kayak, this kayak is constructed to handle waves just as a surfboard would and is capable of going to the shoreline.

For beginners there is a general purpose kayak that can be used for rivers and touring, and as the person builds the skills that are needed to have a successful experience they may move to a different model of kayak.

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Kayaks also come in racing models, these are constructed to be easy to maneuver and handle and while they may not have the speed that can be gained with the touring kayak they can reach speeds that take skill to use them in competition.

Kayaks can be found with seating for one two or three people in some models, such as the touring model, however the racing, whitewater and surf models are constructed with seating for one as they are built much shorter in length to give them the ability to maneuver quickly.