Storing & Transporting Your Kayak

Owning a kayak for fun and sport may be a great hobby that can give hours of fun and excitement, but it also creates two needs, the first is where to store it and the second is the need to transport it from where it is stored to the water.

There are some things that need to be known when storing a kayak; heat is an enemy to kayaks just as stress on the kayak. Stress of course can be caused by the way in which is stored and can lead to major problems as the planning hull is sensitive to gravity and can begin to take the shape of what they are sitting on.

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There are special wall mounting brackets that can be purchased for storing a kayak, however a corner will also work. The best way to store a kayak that will cause it the less amount of stress and also take the least amount of room is to stand it on its stern in a corner. The standing the kayak on the stern will have the least amount of stress and with a wall on each side it will give the kayak the stability to stand without falling.

There are also different methods of transporting kayaks; there are trailers that are specially made for transporting them and carracks that can be purchased. With either of these a kayak can be transported to the water where it will be used, however there are some tips that expert kayakers use and have learned about transporting kayaks. Such as transporting them upside down, this way should the weather be dismal there will be no chance of rain entering the cockpit.

Kayaking Lessons

If the kayak is made of plastic there are special racks that are made to carry them standing so as not to cause stress on the kayak that will make it warp.

When transporting a kayak on the roof of a vehicle many kayakers use foam blocks between the car and the kayak in order to keep stress off of the kayak, then it is straped at the stern and the bow.


Kayak trailers are a very popular way to transport kayaks for several reasons, the first is the weight of the kayak when trying to lift it on to a vehicle. The second it the steps it takes to secure the kayak including straps that are hooked on the lower part of the car that can become distracting when driving. A kayak trailer prevents all of these problems; it also leaves the carrack free to carry other supplies that may be needed for a day trip of kayaking or a vacation on the water.