Advanced Professional Training & Lessons

Advanced training for a kayaker is not classes and lessons alone; it includes swift water training, wet entry and exits from the cockpit and also how to lean the kayak while turning.

Kayaking Lessons

There are many new aspects of the sport as well as the equipment and the maneuvers that need to be learned with advanced training, this is only learned by taking classes and lessons from experts who know the hazards of the higher rated water classes for kayaks. It may not only be for personal safety in the water but also how to rescue another kayaker that maybe in trouble in the ruff current.

Advanced training includes learning things such as dealing with currents, night paddling which can be tricky, using signaling devices and marine radios and also often includes the treatment of hypothermia. Learning how the wind can affect the current and the human body especially when wet is discussed as well as how waves can affect a kayak when they are rougher than usual. This type of course will also teach low brace turns with edging in rough water conditions and rescue tows. The student will also learn how to paddle efficiently in winds up to approximately 16 knots.

Kayaking Lessons

There is different advanced training for different types of water, the advanced training for salt water such as safe launching and landing from this type of water, along with tides and the effects they can have. Maneuvering the rudders in the surf and also edging and bracing when on a wave, reading waves will also be a part of the advanced training when it comes to saltwater and hand signals which can be very important on the ocean. Entering and exiting currents along with eddies is also taught, these items are important for the advanced student seeking training.