Tour Kayaks (Touring Kayaking)

Touring kayaks are different than other kayaks as they have a much longer length and give more comfort to the kayaker that wants to camp or backpack while on a kayaking trip. They have more storage space and are the type of kayak that is used for vacations rather than daytrips.

This type of kayak handles well in waters like lakes, canals and coastal waters such as Nootka Sound.

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They are faster than other models of kayaks and are often fitted with rudders and are constructed to paddle on open waters, they can even do well in the ocean, but are not made for whitewater. The hull and rocker are constructed to make them stable and easily paddled, while being the fastest moving of the kayak models.

Touring kayaks can be found built with seating for one, two or even three people and have enough storage room for essentials such as food and water and also room for camping or backpackers gear.

The touring kayak is constructed from a dense polyethylene making it a rigid construction, there are also touring kayaks that are made from fiberglass however these are damaged easier than the polyethylene ones. They are also often constructed with rudders that aides in the ability to keep the touring kayak straight when paddling.

Touring kayaks come in a verity of lengths, starting at approximately nine feet, these short kayaks are used for day trips as they have less storage than the ones that range up to seventeen and a half feet. The longer ones have the speed that is desired while also having enough room for storing camping and other vacation gear in the front and rear hatches to vacation in the pristine wilderness or even the rainforest.

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The touring kayak is made for travel in waters such as Johnstone Strait, Clayoqout Sound or North Shore in Canada or any other lake or river.

Touring kayaks are also a great way to take guided tours with a company like Kayak Cursades and also to make new friends, as well as for roaming the rivers or lakes to see nature at its best.