Kayak Tricks And Tips

When a person becomes involved in a sport or hobby as they become more accomplished with it they also learn many tips and tricks that can help to make some things easier, more rewarding and more fun.

Kayaking is no different there are also tips and tricks that will make kayaking more fun and easier even at times when things might seem bleak out on the water.

Kayaking Lessons

Some of these are to carry a portable backpackers stove, while they are light and take little room they can be one of the best things that can be packed. With a stove like this should there be a reason that the kayak trip has come to a halt unexpectedly the flame of one of these little stoves can heat drinks to warm the body, they can cook fish and other catches if it is a situation where a rescue is the way of leaving the area.

Another item that not every kayaker carries is a rain poncho, this takes little room and can keep the body from being soaked in the event that the weather changes and the trip must stop while the rain passes.

Carrying an auto emergency blanket is something that is lightweight and also uses the heat of the body to generate more heat, this in the case of awaiting rescue, stopped by the weather or any other reason that may turn up. These blankets are usually a silver color and are paper thin, however they generate a lot of warmth.

A few others are to carry three different types of items to start a fire, some work faster and easier than others, if a fire is needed for warmth or rescue it is better to be safe having more than one method to start the fire.

Kayaking Lessons

Marine or weather radios can be very useful items and take little room as they can be purchased very small. Flares are also something that can come in useful if stranded and rope can come in handy from towing to hanging wet clothes near a fire or in a breeze.