Safety & Survival Skills For Kayaking

Survival skills are important to know, practice and understand when going out on the waters, while it can be fun and exciting it can also change in a moments notice.

There are a few tips that can help in a panic situation, first by running possibilities through the mind at times when there is nothing wrong it can prepare a person mentally for when such a situation does arise, then it is possible to take charge of the situation in a clam manner.

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It is wise to remember that if disaster strikes getting to the shore or a place where things slow down check for injuries, remembering that if a wet suit is worn it can help to retain blood from an injury, thereby hiding a cut, gash or other wound.



If it is a situation where a kayaker is lost or turned about reaching the shore and building a fire can not only warm the body, it can also aid in rescuers finding the person or group. Flares can also help in a situation such as this but one also must take care in using them sparingly unless they have an unusually large amount of flares.

It is also important if lost or stranded to build a shelter, weather can change as well as cool to a low temperature during the night hours. This of course can have other health affects depending on the temperatures.

Kayaking Lessons

Water and food are also important, however water should be consumed carefully as it is a necessity for the body, food can often be found in the wilderness in the form of berries, fish and other types of nourishment. Water cannot always be found that is potable, so it is important depending on circumstances to conserve fresh water.

There are classes that can be taken in survival skills, many kayak lessons also have survival skills included so that even when beginning to kayak a person is prepared should an emergency situation arise. One of the first things that will be taught in these type of classes is to stay calm, think positively and take charge over the situation do not allow the situation to take control.