Surf Kayaks (Surfing Kayaking)

Kayak enthusiasts know that there are different kinds of kayaks and while each is different they still hold the fun and excitement that is a part of the kayak experience.

The sea kayak or surf kayak is in design closest to the traditional design of the kayak; this might be because the first kayaks were built for hunting in the Artic and therefore it is made to be used on the ocean.

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What makes these kayaks different from others is they will have a longer waterline, they may have rudders or skags, as well as a below deck place for watertight storage. Surf or sea kayaks today usually are built with two bulkheads that are for internal sections that are watertight for floatation. The kayak that is built for the surf will have a planing hull; this has been designed so as the kayak hits a wave it will be pushed far above the surface of the water as sea kayaking differs from fresh water kayaking.

The modern surf or sea kayak is built for comfort and are built to seat from one to three people along with the storage areas making it usable for short trips or longer ones such as camping or backpacking trips. They also are built to make straight-line paddling easier than the ones from early times.

Surf kayaks are also known by other names such as, a rodeo kayak, a rodeo boat, or a rodeo decked boat and they can start in length at as little as nine feet and go up in size as much as three and a half meters in length.

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While they have features of some of the other kayaks that are built for other types of water the design of the surf or sea kayak does not maneuver as well as a kayak that is built for whitewater. However, with the design of the hull and its ability to rise above the water or waves it is also designed that it can be ridden to the shoreline.

The surf kayak has also become a new way to enjoy surfing of a different kind, and these are designed to be smaller, giving the kayaker more control to ride the surf just as a surfer using a surfboard. There are even events that are being held for the sea kayaking and this type of surfing is drawing the extreme sports minded person that likes riding the waves.

The surf kayak while it is made for the ocean the user of this kayak must account for different things about the water that other types of kayaks do not need to worry about, such as the current and tidal zones. This person should be able to paddle with the current instead of against it, the current changes with temperatures and by paddling with it there is more speed and the chance to rest from paddling while still moving. These surf kayaks easily taken to the beach and onto the sand beaches from the water.