Kayak Accessories & Supplies

Kayaking is a fun and exciting hobby and there are many different necessities, however there is other stuff that can make kayaking even more fun and some things that can make it safer.

There are radios that come with a siren and flashlight that can be hand wound so there is not a chance that should you need these items in a bad situation there are no batteries to be found dead.

For the fisherman there are holders that can be attached to the kayak to hold a fishing pole similar to ones found on other watercrafts, which enables a fisherman to relax until they have a nibble on the line.

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Another item that may aid the fisherman as well as other kayakers is an anchor for the kayak, these are similar to other anchors with some exceptions, they are compact and many of them come with a case to pack them.


Today people treat animals just as they would children, dogs are not only the faithful companion but they also have their own items that are made for them; this includes the dog that kayaks. There are kayak boots that are made for canines, water and food dishes that are especially made for kayaking with a drawstring case. There are also first aide kits for canines, safety beacons, along with personal floatation devices and backpacks.

Kayaking Lessons

To carry supplies there are dry bags and boxes, these are constructed with materials that keep water from penetrating the supplies inside the container. There are also special coolers made to fit the storage space in a kayak, enabling the kayaker to take along either cold liquid or food that must be kept cold.



The kayaker who has experienced many kayak trips and is looking for something different there are sail kits that are made to fit on certain types of kayaks. Deck bags and electrical bags are also made to carry supplies, along with map cases.