Custom And Special Kayaks

There are several kayaks that are referred to as specialty kayaks as the style and construction differ from the traditional kayak design, they are also made for use in waters that the traditional style kayak may not do a well in as the specialty kayak.

One of these specialty kayaks is the pedal kayak, this kayak is different in the fact that moving through the water does not depend on paddles and upper body strength, this kayak is pedaled with the feet to move flaps or rudders on the bottom of the kayak.

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Another kayak that is considered a specialty kayak is the inflatable kayak, this while it may have some of the same design, it is defiantly different, this kayak is carried in a small bag and is inflated when the user reaches the water. It is a backpackers dream kayak, lightweight and still durable against the ruff water.

The multi hull is also styled different than the traditional kayak, which is constructed with one hull. The style of the multi hull that also has two smaller hulls attached to the larger ones differs also from the traditional design and is considered a specialty kayak.

Sit-on-top kayaks are different from the traditional design as they have no cockpit, as well as the surf kayak whose design allows it to handle ocean waves and also reach the shore. The length is also a factor that drifts from the traditional kayak whose length is closer to the length of the touring kayak.

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While each of these are much different than the traditional kayak there are other models of kayaks that may have the appearance of the traditional kayak but also have items that might also make them a specialty kayak in some sportsman’s eyes who not only stay with the traditional style kayak they also build them in much the same way as the first ones were, with the exception of the materials they use as compared to the original ones.


Many of the sea kayaks and the touring kayaks are now constructed similar to the traditional kayaks but also are fitted with rudders systems, specialty seats and also foot braces. Along with hatches and bulkheads, which the traditional design did not include in their design.