Kayak Spray Skirts

One of the accessoriesfor kayaking that can be purchased is a kayak spray skirt; this is something that will keep water out of the kayak and the person in the kayak drier. This spray skirt will keep the cockpit dry and is often used in ruff waters, as there is much more of a chance of getting water into the kayak, such as in white water kayaking.

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These spray skirts are made to fit the different shapes of the cockpit in each of the different models of kayaks. Rather than being put on the kayak, they are put on like clothing by the person. Just as a pair of slacks, the spray skirt is stepped into and then the person enters the cockpit. It is then adjusted and the grab loop is always left where it can be reached. This skirt is pulled up to the ribs and then placed securely around the cockpit opening.


Some spray skirts are made from neoprene, made with this material the kayaker will still have full range of movement and they are mainly found for use in kayaks that are for fresh water, such as the whitewater kayak.

However, sea kayaks have a different type of spray skirt, this spray skirt is made from sturdy polyester fabric that is coated heavily with a polyurethane and the seams are welded.

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The sea kayak spray skirt has a bungee rim on it to make a secure fit on the cockpit to keep water from waves out of the cockpit, there are also suspender straps that are to keep the tension correct and there are snaps or buckles for a quick release.

Spray Skirts can mean the difference between a comfortable and enjoyable kayaking experience or a very wet kayaking experience which may not be as pleasant as a dry one.