Sit On Top Kayaks, what are they?

The sit-on-top kayak is one of the easiest models to use and is an excellent kayak for beginners to use and one that when taking lessons or a kayak course are easiest to learn the essential skill of kayaking.

Kayaking Lessons

Their design makes them a kayak that children can use and with the outside seating there is no spray skirt to be concerned with and they are also the easiest models to keep upright. They are constructed wider than other models and the result of this construction there is more base making tipping this type of kayak much more difficult and should they flip they are easily turn back over. In the case of a child learning to kayak this is one of the problems they often have and with the sit-on-top it is much easier for them to learn how to kayak.


The sit-on-top are made with bulkheads making it one that can be taken on more than a day trip and are made with one seat, two or even three seats, making them a perfect kayak to sightsee. They are constructed of either plastic or fiberglass to keep them lightweight, for this reason there is very little maintenance.

These kayaks are also one model that can be used for fishing, diving and swimming since the seats are on top there is no worry about being seated inside like other kayak models and with bulkhead storage, this type kayak can also be used for backpackers. With the seating on top of the kayak they are one model that the passengers are sunbathing while floating amid the water.

Kayaking Lessons


The structure of the sit-on-top kayak is easy to maneuver making them the craft to use for adventures in channels, creeks and places such as Vancouver Island. It also makes them a wise choice for families that want the experience of enjoying kayaking, tenting and an excursion together.