Kayak First Aid And Safety

Safety is important in any type of sport or hobby that can be dangerous or have dangerous aspects to it; this is also true with kayaking. Water can be fun, exciting and inviting, it can also be dangerous if a person is not prepared and properly educated when it comes to kayaks, whitewater can become dangerous quickly and take seconds to send a kayaker into the water.

Kayaking Lessons

There are several things that kayakers can do to ensure their safety while having a fun and exciting time, they make certain they have the proper training by taking classes or lessons in kayaking. Instructors train their students to paddle correctly in different situations that can avoid hazards, they also inform students of what currents or tides can do to a kayak as well as how quickly they can change and when the weather changes.

Before a person takes to the water they can take action to ensure that if they do find trouble on their trip they are prepared by having emergency supplies such as a first aide kit, flares, a weather radio, food, water and emergency shelter. Having these supplies ensure that should there be a situation that requires first aide treatment and waiting for rescue the kayaker is prepared.

A first aid class is also something that would ensure that if someone were injured or a situation arises where first aide is required, keeping a cool head and knowing what procedures need to be taken is the first step to being prepared in a medical emergency.

Kayaking Lessons

Each person in the kayak should wear a floatation device this is protection in the event the kayak is tipped the passengers are protected from going under the water and have the chance to upright the kayak and make their way to shore.


It is also important to take stock in knowledge and think out possible situations when not in a critical situation so that should the need arise a plan of action has already been formulated and this action can be taken in a calm manner.