Rocker (Bottom, Stomach Of Kayaks)

The rocker is the part of the kayak ends that are curved upward; this is in relation to the center hull and will be found on touring kayaks, which have a better chance of seeing ocean waters. This amount of rocker helps to improve speed and ease of turning, although this changes with each kayak. However, the kayak with the largest amount of rocker will be the whitewater kayak.

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The amount of rocker can be constructed differently, some kayaks have a straight middle while just the ends are curved upward and others are built with a continuous rocker. There are others that are built with very limited curve on one end while the other end has a deeper and longer curve.


A kayak that is easily turned because of the amount of rocker can be used in narrow streams or water where there are a lot of obstructions such as rocks. However, a kayak with a large amount of rocker is not a good choice on an open lake, or other open waters that can be windy, it will take the utmost skill and strength to handle this kayak on these waters.

By leaning a kayak at a ninety-degree angle it will increase the rocker to the maximum amount, thereby increasing the speed to the maximum amount.


Kayaking Lessons

Kayaks with a large amount of rocker are usually made for whitewater kayaking or for the surf kayak, where the end will lift above the waterline caps, whitecaps or the waves.

The amount of rocker can be changed with the addition of a rudder or a skeg and is used in certain kayaks to enhance the performance.

The kayak with a large amount of rocker will be a much slower kayak than one that does not, the one without a lot of rocker will also paddle in a straighter line and with less resistance.