Recreational Kayaks And Outdoor Kayaking

The general recreation kayak has some features that appeal to kayakers who want a versatile kayak that has a larger cockpit that has easy entry and exit. This kayak while not as long as the touring kayak has the stability of one.

A recreational kayak also is straight tracking, which is an advantage for the new person to kayaking, along with the stability it has to keep it from tipping easily. Yet, it is short enough in length that the recreational kayak is easy to maneuver. Since this type of kayak is stable and is easy to move about it is one style that is often used when taking classes or lessons.

Kayaking Lessons

The recreational kayak is made for what is known as flat water, this means lakes, river and streams, along with some ocean waters, it will not do very well in whitewater as they are not make to tolerate the beating that the rapids will give the kayak. This style of is kayak able to handle occasional class one rapids if a kayaker finds they need to cross this type of water.

The beam of the recreational kayak is wide, ranging from twenty-seven to thirty inches and this is what helps to give them the stability they have along with a length of usually twelve feet. This not only makes them a kayak that is easy to handle in the water but it also makes them lighter than other kayaks for transporting and for storing their shorter length makes them easier to store. Many of the recreational kayaks are made of rotomolded polyethylene.

Kayaking Lessons


They are as the name of this kayak states for recreation, for fun, fishing, swimming and diving, along with sightseeing and day trips due; to their shorter length they do not have the storage capacity of the longer touring kayak.