Pedal Kayaks For Pedaling Kayaking

Pedal kayaks may appear somewhat different from other kayaks in their designs and use foot power rather than arm power. These kayaks have some advantages over the traditional design of kayaks, with the arms free the fisherman that has chosen this kayak can move about the water and still have their hands free for fishing poles.

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The style of these kayaks differ, there are some that have a cockpit where the inside is fitted with pedals and have a high back seat for comfort. There are others that have a bicycle mount on them. This style also has plans for the build it yourself kayaker where they can place a bicycle on top. For this type the wheels are taken off, and the kayaker has a bicycle seat that they rid upon.

This is the kayak for the person who wants exercise from his sport, along with extra speed; pedal kayaks obtain more speed than hand paddles ones. There is also more storage space with many of these models.

The way that the pedal kayak works is as the feet pump pedals on most styles that are similar to using a stepper exercise machine. The feet are pushed alternately and this actives two flippers that are on the hull, which in turn powers the kayak through the water. Other kayaks have a propeller type of feature and are connected to the pedals by a linkage type of feature. This is one reason the pedal kayak can gain more speed than the hand paddled kayak and have even been used as therapy.

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There are usually hand controls for steering the pedal kayak; these controls are positioned at an easy reach while leaned back in the high backed seat and maneuver well in the water. Pedal kayaks are a very stable in the water with no fear of tipping; they are safe enough that owners of them take their children seated in the front hatch.