Oars and Kayak Paddles

Kayak paddles are something that needs to be chosen carefully, they must fit correctly for a kayaker to be able to use them in the water properly. Should they be to long they can hit the hull can the cross section, on the other hand if they are to short paddling will be difficult and moving through the water or maneuvering is hampered.

The proper fitting kayak paddle length is found by standing on the floor placing the blade on the floor and the top hand knob of the shaft should reach eye level.

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Kayak paddles come in different sizes; different price ranges and made of different materials and different styles. There are lightweight paddles and heavier paddles, the choice should fit the person paddling, if it is a smaller adult or child a heavy paddle may not be the correct choice, as well as the type of water it will be used in might determine what type of paddle to choose.


Kayaks can be made with a metal alloy, made of different types of wood and aluminum, the wood paddles are the heaviest, however when choosing kayak paddles the paddle should have some give to it in the water rather than be stiff where it is a fight to push through the water.

The blades on the kayak also need to be considered, when in the water they should slice through the water with little resistance, this helps not only with maneuvering and speed, the right blade that moves through the water without tiring the body.

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There are different shapes of paddle blades, when a paddle is laid on the ground the blades face in different directions; this is called the feather or the offset. This is usually between forty-five and sixty degrees, this is a newer approach, in the past the offset could be about ninety percent. However, this slighter offset is believed by many kayakers to be easier on the wrists and forearms when paddling.

The shape of the paddle is important for how well it slices through the water, and the inside of the curved blade is called the power face, some are what is called dihedral or spoon shaped, and this type of blade increases the blade performance and ease of slicing the water.