Double Hull Kayaks (multiple hull)

The multi-hull kayak is a kayak that has multiple hulls to enhance the stability and there is no fear of tipping and it also helps the stability ofthe twin hull kayak.

These kayaks are constructed in a way that is of no use in whitewater for fun, they will not shoot the rapids, not is there any type of rolling or other things that whitewater kayakers do for fun and excitement.

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The multi-hull kayak is often used by fishermen and also for touring and they are made in both the sit-on-top and the cockpit style kayaks. They are made for use in different types of water also; the twin hull can be used in rivers in the touring kayak and also in ocean waters for surfing.

The design makes them operable from inside the cockpit and in some models the kayakers legs are stretched into each of the hulls, this helps to improve the stability of this type kayak.


These multi-hull kayaks are also faster in the water than some of the other kayaks and this is because there is less water resistance, as it is more stable than other kayaks they can be paddled faster and the design gives it less suction to the water.

To improve stability in the multi hull kayak some styles have an extra smaller hull built on each of the hulls, so while the speed is increased because of this style with the addition of two extra but smaller hulls built it is also more stable.

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This type of construction works well in kayaks that are used for fishing, touring and also in kayak sailing. This is also stable enough for standing while fishing, and can even be used in the surf, making this a kayak that many sportspersons are attracted too.