Different Kinds And Types Of Kayaks

The Different kinds of Kayaks

There are more than a few different types of kayaks and each has a different purpose for the recreational sport it is for and each has different types of people who use them.

There are sit-on-top kayaks, these are a good choice for the beginning kayaker and children, they are easy to control, paddle and to turn upright if tipped.

The whitewater kayak is made of a sturdy material that will withhold the torment that the ruff current of fast moving whitewater and maneuvers easily to avoid obstacles. They come in two different designs, a whitewater racing kayak and a whitewater touring kayak. There is also the Slalom kayak that is made for a form of whitewater racing and is one of the only type of whitewater racing that was ever admitted in the Olympics.

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Touring kayaks are made for the person who wants to travel in open waters and is made to take sporting vacations with the storage space it has and can be purchased with more than one seat.

There are many styles of recreational kayaks, and they are considered the perfect kayak for the beginner. They are easy to paddle, come in a verity of lengths between nine and thirteen feet and are more stable that some other types of kayaks.

Canoes are a rounded or flat-bottomed craft and the oars can be either single or double bladed. Kayaks on the other hand have rudders and the bottoms while partly flat or rounded have a rocker that is shaped differently.

Another difference is that there are kayaks made for use in the sea or ocean, a place where a canoe would not do well in this type of water. Along with the several other styles that are made for racing, touring, and whitewater and the fact that it is possible to turn a kayak upright if tipped.

Kayaking Lessons

Along with these kayaks there are types of kayaks that not made from the same types of materials that most kayaks are, these are inflatable kayaks and folding kayaks. These are kayaks that are easy to travel with because they are compact and can be taken into waters that other kayaks may not fit. They are a type of kayak that many fishermen find are prefect to get into out of the way spots and backpackers that fly into the spot they intend to hike. The inflatable kayak is made of a sturdy rubber that can handle many of the obstacles that is found in smaller creeks and streams where fishermen often find the best fishing spots.