Info to Know Kayaks

The kayak is a craft that has a similar appearance in shape to the canoe, which was first built by Indians. The top of the craft is enclosed with openings for a cockpit, differing from the open top of the canoe. The kayak is also paddled with oar type of implements similar to the canoe also; it is even called a canoe in some parts of the world.

Kayaking LessonsThis is where the similarities end, kayaks are made for waters that canoes are not, while there are touring kayaks, sit-on-top and peddle kayaks that can be found on rivers and streams the same as kayaks, there are other styles that are made for surfing the waves of the ocean, kayaks that are made for the excitement of traveling down whitewater and shooting rapids, a place where few would dare to take a canoe.



The hull of the kayak is also often constructed differently from the canoe and the material the kayak is made from differs from other crafts to enhance its ability to take the beating that ruff waters can have on them.
Kayaks are also one of the only watercrafts that have different models to be used in all types of waters. Each the hull and cross section are constructed for each type of water along with their length, they are made to maneuver in waters such as whitewater quickly to avoid rocks and other debris.


Kayaking Lessons

There are also kayaks that are constructed that can be used by fishermen to get into places that other types of watercrafts would not be able to maneuver in properly. Along with the kayaks that are made for riding the waves, a surf kayak is far from the abilities of the canoe and closer to the abilities of the surfboard.
Kayaks were also an event that was added to the events of the Olympics in 1936 and since then it has become a sport with increasing popularity.