Information to Know When Kayaking

As with every sport or hobby there are things that the person should know and items that can help them not only to be safe but also to make the time they are involved in the activity and enjoyable time.

Kayaking can be a demanding sport and an enjoyable one and one of the items that are on the top of the list for many kayak enthusiasts is where they put their craft in the water and many feel some of the best kayaking waters are found in Vancouver at places like Sunshine Coast, Princess Louisa Inlet or Texada Island.

Kayaking LessonsAnother thing that is top on the list are polarized sunglasses, these unlike regular sunglasses are designed to minimize the glare that is reflected off of the water, and this gives the wearer the ability to see into the water. This ability can help to avoid rocks and other obstructions that can have an upsetting effect on the kayak. It is also an advantage when paddling, the wearer can see exactly where the paddle is going and what it might hit such as wing-dams.



There is an item for kayakers, this is a mesh head net, this repels bugs that can be bothersome and while they may not be found while kayaking in whitewater they will be found on the shore or in slow spots where the kayaker may take a break from paddling. These mesh head nets are safe when the kayaker begins to sweat unlike repellants that can sting the eyes this will not, and in years to come there will be no release of information that it has ingredients that are known to cause cancer.

Utility ropes can also come in handy for several reasons and they are a small and light item to carry. They can be used for a verity of things such as helping to drag the kayak to shore, it can be used when camping at the campsite as a clothesline, and most importantly a rope can be used to secure a kayak in the case of bad weather or high winds.


Kayaking Lessons

A hat with a wide brim while not taking much room at all can provide relief from the sun and the rain. A hat can also keep bugs away as well as help to keep the head warm should a kayaker be caught in cool weather.


Garbage bags are something that should also be carried if stopping to camp, backpack or take a break to picnic, kayaking is a hobby or sport that there should be no trace left behind. There is nothing worse than to find the perfect spot and find beer or wine bottles or other refuse, this drastically takes away from the experience of being out in the wild.

One other item that might be small but can be mighty, carrying Ibuprofen can help sore muscles and rid a kayaker of a headache while out on the water, without it the trip may not be as enjoyable.