Inflatable Kayaks

Inflatable kayaks are a step apart from the rigid construction of other kayaks, yet they are built out of materials that will withstand the beating of the current. These kayaks appeal to many who want to kayak because they are easy to transport, they can be found in a variety of price ranges and sizes.

This type of kayak is found with a deck or with a cockpit, they also are found with high back seats for comfort and all can be pumped up in a short amount of time.

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Some of the inflatable kayaks are small and can be taken in places other kayaks are to large for and they are so portable that a backpacker can use them to get to out of the way places because they are light enough and portable enough to carry. For trips in out of the way places that are fly-ins they are compact enough and light enough to take along.

Many weigh thirty pounds or less, making them an easy to carry in hand or in car as they also fold into a carrying bag, this also makes them a kayak a smaller adult or child could carry.

They are also used by fishermen, the price and the ability to get in out of the way places makes them a perfect choice for fishermen rather than a hard shell boat or kayak.

There are several styles of inflatable kayaks, including ones that are made for the ocean and also for whitewater, sea and ocean kayaks.

Kayaking Lessons


The inflatable kayak is also said to travel through the water at a faster speed than the hard constructed kayaks, making them an enjoyable type of kayak. The materials they are made from are capable of withstanding rocks and other debris that might be found in the water.