Hull (Bottom, Stomach Of Kayaks)

The hull is the shape of the bottom of the kayak from bow to stern, along with the shape of the hull in the cross-section and with kayaks the hull designs are categorized based on these two items. The shape of hull makes is one f the deciding factors in how the kayak will maneuver and how stable it is in different types of water.

There is the Symmetrical, with this the hull is the widest part of the boat and is midway between the bow and the stern.

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The second category is the Fish Form; in this one the hull is the widest part that is forward of the midpoint on the kayak.

The third category is the Swede Form; in this one the hull is the widest part in the back or the aft of the midpoint.



The way of knowing what type of hull is on a kayak is the roundness or flatness; along with the amount of V-shape and the severity of chine this is where the side and the bottom of the hull meet. With all of these factors put together it tells of the hull’s ability to stabilize the kayak and keep it from tipping when in the water.

The smoother that the hull is, meaning the less V-shape, the faster it will move through the water with less effort than one that has more V-shape.


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