Early Days & History of Kayaking

Kayaking LessonsThe art of kayaking comes from the use of a kayak to move across a plane of water. There are a wide variety of activities which come under the term of kayaking; Although this sport is often mistaken for or as canoeing, one can differentiate kayaking from canoeing by virtue of the fact that a kayak has a closed cockpit whereas the canoe has a open top. Morever, a kayak sits deeper in the water, so your centre-of-gravity is below the streamline.

The art of this sport comes from an origin of Greenland and Aleutian archipelago where the Eskimos built the kayaks from seal skin which was stretched over a wooden frame or deer bones. Originally, these vesels were used for hunting and fishing and also sea travel, this mode of transportation has since evolved into a leisure activity and also a sport, a high place for enjoying this activity is British Columbia Canada, Vancouver Island.

Kayaking can become a very effective sporting activity for increasing your fitness levels; this can be obtained by the stroke which starts at the feet! The power then transmits up through your legs, butt, and abdominal region, through your torso, and finally to the paddle shaft. While most of the kayaking sports come from sea kayaking there is a rising number of events which are based around touring, while these types of kayaking exist there is a lot of interest in recreational kayaks which attract the casual paddler who wishes to fish, take pictures and have a slow paddle, usually in a lake or a flat water stream. Most people think that this activity can be expensive but this is majorly mistaken because the most amount of money you spend would be actually buying your vessel; there are many of places where you can buy from; used or brand new. Kayaking is just a general all around activity which many of people can enjoy on their own, whether their interest is in sport or just a leisurely paddle through the numerous lakes and streams.