Head Gear & Helmets for Kayak Protection & Safety

Helmets are a necessity for kayaking, just as with other sports, it is important to protect the head in the water. There is no way of telling when or even if a kayak will run into trouble, but should it the person in the kayak runs the risk of being injured if they do not have their head protected from rocks and other debris that may be in the water.

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Helmets have also come a long way, they are not only made of materials that are more protective while being lighter to wear on the head, some have gained a bit of flare from the usual motorcycle styled bowl type of helmet. Today there are helmets made that even include a sun visor not only lending them style but also to shade the eyes from the sun.


The outer shell of the helmet is the first defense against head injuries; this should be made of a material that can withstand the impact of hitting an object such as a rock.

A proper fit is extremely important, a person can have the best helmet made on and if it does not fit properly it can ride up or even come off the head when hitting an object. This means it should fit snugly and if unbuckled it should not turn side to side and the helmet should also not have any tight spots that may become uncomfortable.

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Helmets should also be cushioned well so on impact rather than hit against the hard shell of the exterior, the head will be padded well from the impact. While there might be discomfort there will not be injury when the helmet fits properly and is also padded with materials that will cushion the head at the time of impact from not only the obstruction but also the outer shell of the helmet.