Kayaking Associations And Groups For Kayakers

There are many associations and groups for kayaking today, where kayakers not only meet to discuss kayaking and new equipment, they also plan group trips, learn new safety techniques along with tips and other information.

Kayaking Lessons

These associations and groups exist all over the globe, they began many years ago with the first being formed by John MacGregor the designer and builder of the Rob Roy, he formed this kayak club in 1866 because of his love for kayaking and wanting to share with others who had the same passion for the sport.

One impressive association that organized kayakers was the Olympics who in 1836 held the first event for kayaking.

There are associations and groups for kayakers in most cities today and there are also kayak groups that have formed on the internet where sharing all the latest information about new equipment, new designs and new materials is just the beginning of the discussion. Information about kayaking in different places and trips is also on the plate for discussion; with people from every corner of the globe able to join in a kayak group over the Internet there is much information that would not be discussed in a local group or association.

Kayaking Lessons

Each of these kayakers have the ability to bring to the discussion the different equipment available in their area, the surroundings where the kayakers take their trips, along with the camping and backpacking. This lends to the excitement of this hobby as kayaking can be done by anyone involved in the sport even far away from home with all the kayak companies that have rental kayaks, guides and tours available.


Kayak associations and groups are easily found in the telephone book, with simple searches on the Internet, the kayak shop and even at local kayak companies such as North Shore Kayaks will have information about local kayak associations and groups.