Kayaking Supplies, Accessories and Gear

As with every sport or hobby there is equipment that is needed to make it not only pleasurable but also safe. There is certain equipment that is needed such as personal floatation devices, these are used for many types of watercrafts and are an important piece of gear when kayaking. There are waters such as whitewater where the current maybe to swift for even a good swimmer to swim out of should the need arise.

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Helmets are also another part of the gear that should be worn, should a kayaker hit turbulent waters that tip the kayak where there are rocks and other obstacles this can cause head injuries that can be avoided by the use of a helmet.

Rescue equipment incase of emergencies, including rope which can be used for a verity of things while kayaking, should be carried as a part of the basic gear while kayaking. Along with a first aide kit incase of injuries is a part of the basic gear that should be carried.

Sunglasses that are rated for UV rays are a necessity for eye protection not only for the sun but to also with a good pair of sunglasses it is possible to see rock and other obstacles in the water that could be a hazard. Other sun defense items are sun hats, sunscreen and in the case of rain a rain hat can get the kayaker out of the rain faster.

Some of the other equipment that is basic gear is a compass, a bilge pump to pump out water, and an emergency shelter and supplies in case a day trip is extended due to weather or other conditions. Tow systems, flares, a flashlight, a weather radio, are some of the basic gear that can be helpful in some situations.

Kayaking Lessons


Depending on the type of kayak adventure even a marine VHF radio may be a part of the basic equipment, a mirror that can be used to reflect light to alert planes or search parties, three different sources to start fires; water and fire does not mix and should a day trip turn into something different a fire will be a comforting thing to have as well as alerting search parties. Water should always be carried, not all water that kayaks are in is good for drinking.