Fitness And Exercise From Kayaking

Kayaking is a great way to work out; there is walking involved and a complete upper body workout, however this is just the beginning.

Before taking the kayak out on the water there are exercises and stretches that will help to keep the body from being over worked and resulting in any strained muscles.

The stretches are easily done and the more fit a kayaker is the better time they will have out on the water, exercising gives the body more energy and it also makes the muscles stretch easier.

Kayaking Lessons

Some of the simple stretches that can be done prior to putting the kayak in the water to warm up are; a C stretch, torso twists and hamstring stretches.

A C stretch is done by sitting on the ground or the floor of the kayak, and then stretching on each side in repetitions of ten, this will give the muscles a warm up for when bracing, rolling or edging the boat.


Torso twists are as they sound, twisting the torso to a point where it can be felt low in the chest or body, this can be done in a standing position. Torso twists can also be done while sitting in the kayak, by using one hand to hold in front of the body and one hand in back of the body. Doing this exercise will limber the body up as well as warm up chest and back muscles. When moving to sides hold the position for fifteen or twenty seconds. These should be done three times on each side and a total of five repetitions.

Kayaking Lessons

Hamstrings are important to warm up, this is a very painful injury and if the hamstrings are warmed up there is little chance of injury or cramping while in the kayak. To warm up the hamstring lying on the back extend the leg straight up, then the foot is to be moved toe up and then heel up. This should be done a total of five times holding the toe and heel each for ten to fifteen seconds each.