Fishing & Kayaking

Many people enjoy fishing as a hobby and use a boat or kayak to take them to places that cannot be reached by car or foot. There are several styles of kayaks that serve the fisherman well taking them to the places that fish are biting.

Kayaking Lessons

One model of kayaks that is often used by fishermen is the sit-on-top, this kayak is sturdy, stable in the water and easy to maneuver. Another is the inflatable kayak, while this kayak is tough in the water, it’s easy to operate and it is often smaller than other kayaks, so it is able to get into the out of the way places that others can not.

Using a kayak to fish from is unlike using a boat that has a motor that will either scare the fish or not be capable of getting into places where the motor can tangle in underwater vegetation.

There is information in books and on the Internet about adapting a kayak for fishing including mounting rod holders for the devout fisherman who intends to use their kayak for a lot of fishing. There are also message boards on the Internet for the fisherman that uses a kayak as their chosen transportation in the water.

Many who not only enjoy fishing but also enjoy the excitement of kayaking do this type of fishing, and fishing with a kayak can be the best of both worlds, fishing along the rocky coast and the excitement of maneuvering in the waters.

Kayaking Lessons


Kayak fishing has become so popular that companies are producing special products made for them such as kayak rod holders, for fishing poles.

Today there are even fishing and kayaking events that fisherman can enter, they are tournaments that not only have a winner for the largest amount of fish caught but also the expertise which the fishermen maneuver their kayaks to the chosen spots.