Professional Kayaking Events

Every sport has professional events and kayaking is no exception there are many events and they can be found online and in kayak magazines among other places.

These professional events include watercraft shows the Vancouver Boat Show, which is the largest of its kind in Western Canada, the Wave Chaser Race Series that is held in Santa Cruz Harbor in California, Rollapoolooza, in Raleigh North Carolina, this is an event that is held in an Olympic sized swimming pool, the event consists of rolls that are usually done when kayaking in whitewater.

Kayaking Lessons

The Seattle Boat Show is the largest boat show on the West Coast and there is also the World Surf Kayaking US Team Trials, this is held at the Pico Creek State Beach in San Simeon, California. There is a Pelican Island Wildlife Festival that is held at Vero Beach, Florida, this is a kayak race and a kayak poker run. There is also a Long Island Paddlesport Symposium that is held in the Long Island waterways and is a keep safe event.

At Mission Bay California there is the Plastic Navy Fishing Tournament Trail, which is a series of six events that are catch and release saltwater bass. Franklin Louisiana is the home of the Bayou Teche Bear Festival Paddle, that consists of a ten mile paddle on the bayou, this is one event that is free for any owner of a kayak that wants to participate. The Columbia River Paddlefest held in Richmond Washington begins with a kayaking movie and a Paddlefest paddle day that is open to anyone who owns a kayak. There is the Jacksonville Kayak Fishing Classic that is held in Jacksonville Florida, the object of this event is to promote kayak fishing, the fish that are the target of this event are Redfish, Trout and Flounder.

Kayaking Lessons

In the past this event has brought the worlds largest attendance of any world event with approximately two hundred and thirty paddlers joining the fishing. This event also raises funds for local charities for children and conservation efforts.

Another professional event is the kayak-racing event in the Special Olympics; in the Special Olympics kayaking is called a demonstration sport.