Kayak Equipment (What Should You Bring?)

With every sport or hobby there is gear that must be taken seriously in order to enjoy the experience and the same is true wit kayaking.

Some of the items that are needed for the kayaking experience are; a life jacket or jackets this is for safety and of course for anyone traveling on water it is an important item, nice calm water can change in a short amount of time.

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Helmets are also an item that is suggested to be used, protecting the head is important in many sports and hobbies and it is recommended that kayaking is a sport that requires this type of protection.

Another item that should be carried is water and possible other emergency supplies while it may be a short day trip anything can happen where the person in the kayak needs emergency supplies.


There are also other items that may help in certain weather conditions, such as a lightweight weather blanket; they can usually be purchased in the auto parts department, an emergency medical kit, and fresh water along with other items in case of an injury or should bad weather approach making the day trip turn into a longer trip and of course in the case that a kayaker tips in icy water.

Other kayaking gear also includes a spray skirt to keep the water out of the kayak especially when in whitewater, sea or ocean water. A spray jacket depending on the kind of kayaking a person is doing can often a wise choice and if the temperatures are not the hottest keeping clothes dry will be a big advantage.

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These are some of the different kayaking gear choices as well as others that might be a personal choice depending on the type of water and the outside temperature that may dominate the decision on what gear should be packed. This can also include what are called booties; they are able to give the wearer traction when walking on rocks and other ruff ground.