Kayaking Clubs & Groups

There are many kayak paddling clubs, while there is not one central club they are abundant, in many towns, cities, states and countries. They are listed under kayak associations; kayak organizations, kayak clubs and many can be found in the Vancouver area where kayaking waters are fun as well as exciting.

Kayaking Lessons

Kayak clubs are for the beginner as well as the expert when it comes to kayaking, there are also kayak clubs for different types of water and they often organize kayaking adventures on a group level, some that are just for the afternoon, some that are longer day trips with picnics. There is group kayaking that is an extended touring trip with camping or backpacking. Along with guided tours as a group, this to many kayakers is a fun and exciting trip to have many who are enjoying the same trip to discuss later when waters or the weather will not permit the sport.

For the many kayakers that join these clubs and organizations they enjoy discussing kayaks, trips and also the equipment that is needed and new equipment when it comes to the market. It is also a place for learning, many of the members of these clubs have been riding the waters in kayaks for many years and can teach the newer person to kayaking many tips and tricks to make the sport more enjoyable.

Kayaking Lessons

There are also kayaking clubs that also teach kayaking lessons such as many of the ones in Vancouver and North Shore Kayaks.

There are also some benefits to belonging to a kayak club, just as there is to belonging to other types of clubs. Meeting new people that share the same interest, many who will have a different profession that at some point may be helpful, along with relieving the stress of everyday life when among friends with the same passion.