Beginner Kayaks (Starter Kayaking)

The light-touring kayak has many of the features of the regular touring kayak, however they are in the thirteen to fifteen foot model range. While they are not as large as some touring kayaks they still have the construction that gives them stability and have a wider hull.

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Just as the touring kayak they are made for travel and touring, they also have the storage space with one or two hatches for day trips as well as over night trips. They are a great choice for lakes, river and inlets as they still have the speed of the touring kayaks that have more length.

The light-touring kayak is also easier to transport because of its length than some of the other touring kayaks when it is time to take them from or to the water. Due to their shorter length they are also easier to store at home.


One large difference between the light touring kayak and the touring kayak is that with the shorter length the light-touring kayak is able to handle some whitewater. It is not a kayak for shooting rapids but it is able to travel in some of the lighter currents that are found in whitewater to get into places that the touring kayak with its longer length is not able to go. This advantage gives the kayaker the chance to see nature in full bloom, the mountains, forests, the sky and wildlife, making this a perfect kayak for photography. The light-touring kayak is a good choice for coastal waters and places such as North Vancouver, Sechelt and Whistler, whether it is a solo trip or a group trip or group trip.

The light-touring kayak is designed using the same rigid materials that the touring kayak is made from, making it a safe and long lasting purchase.


Kayaking Lessons