Advanced Kayaking

Kayaking is a sport that a person is able to hone their skills taking them to an advanced level and there are also lessons not only for the beginner in this sport but also for the advanced kayaker.

There are kayaks made for different types of water and there are also different water classifications, some of these while they are good for a kayaker of any skill level there are waters that are rated in classes III, IV, V and VI that take advanced skills in order to battle these waters. They can be dangerous for even the advanced kayaker, and take all the skill they have to safely kayak through these waters.

In advanced kayak lessons there are certain tricks that are learned to help in certain water conditions such as initiating a loop, finishing a loop. There is also the low angle and the high angle, two stroke spins, four strokes spins and clean spins. Some of these can be considered tricks and while they might be, they also may help in certain water situations in the higher class waters where advanced kayakers may be found. In many of the advanced classes there is also swift water rescue included in the classes as this might be needed in the future in the class III, IV, V and class VI water.

Advanced kayaking lessons also teach wet entry and exit skills, this can often be a tricky maneuver and when a kayaker is in ruff waters this can be an invaluable lesson. Along with learning boat leaning techniques while turning, this is necessary in the higher class waters where just maneuvering with paddles may not be enough however, with these other skills it can be made possible to make faster maneuvers in the ruff currents.

The advanced kayaking classes are a hands on class, they are not a sit and listen type of class, they are ones that take a kayaker to the water to learn hands on the new skills they need to move up to the next level of the sport and master the skills.